Custom Pools

We at FL Custom Pools believe every job should have a vast amount of attention and fine craftsmanship in building your dream pool. We are here to build a legacy.

Our Passion is Pools

Here at FL Custom Pools we create in house breathtaking concrete pools for your loved ones to enjoy. Your custom pool will get exceptional craftmanship attention from our team to design and deliver your dream pool. Our team will recommend and guide you throughout the design and construction process giving you the best possible experience.


We are committed to the building process of your dream pool and delivering quality work.


Coming from a family working in the pool industry, FL Custom Pools has the passion and fine craftsmanship to design and build your dream pool.


We get to work and strive to finish your dream pool as fast as possible.

Our Pool Construction Process



In the first step in the construction process, we will go over design options and features available for your dream pool. We will go over your survey to see the available space and measure your backyard to get an idea of what design to go for. One of our designers will create a 3D render of your dream pool to give you an idea of how such design will look like. Once the design and materials are finalized, we will proceed to permitting.


Once the contract is signed, our team will obtain engineering plans and necessary permits from your local municipality before work can begin.


Once permit issued, we will begin excavation. This can take anywhere from a morning to a couple days depending on the size of project.

Form & Steel

This step is one of the most if not the most important steps to ensuring your pool has a strong foundation. Our fine craftmanship team will form using lumber and then steel your pool. In this step you will begin to see your pool come to life.



Nothing is more exciting than seeing concrete being shaped to create your pool shape. This step is our favorite out of the whole process and you will really see your pool take shape. Warning this step can get loud!

Plumbing / Tile / Deck / Equipmen

Next, we backfill and compact to meet code. The blood flow of pool comes next with plumbing lines being routed from pool to equipmentlocation, followed by the installation of coping, tile, deck, and equipment.


Interior Finish

Lastly, our team will install the interior finish you chose and once completed we will begin to fill your pool! Once filled our team will return to begin startup and water chemistry balancing. We will give you instructionson how to operate the equipment. Enjoy!