About FL Custom Pools

Over 25 combined years in the pool industry.

FL Custom Pools is a state-licensed residential pool contractor based in Port St.Lucie, Florida

Our Mission

We are a family-operated business with over 25 combined years in the pool industry.

At FL Custom Pools, our mission is to build pools that not only enhance the aesthetics of your outdoor space but also provide a setting for memories to flourish. We strive to design and deliver dream pools, embracing innovation, efficiency, and personal touches.

FL Custom Pools operates with core values that resonate with our work ethic and vision

● Commitment: We are devoted to turning your dream into reality.
● Passion: Infused with love for design and fine craftsmanship.
● Initiative: Efficiency and agility in every step.

Why Choose Us?

With in-house creation and luxurious attention to detail, we stand out in delivering aunique experience. We listen, recommend, guide, and work with you to ensure a perfect pool for your home.

What We Offer

● New Construction: Crafted to perfection. ● Remodeling: A refreshed experience. ● Refinishing: The polished touch you desire.